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The first class beach baby : Ducky baby shower favors.

The First Class Beach Baby

the first class beach baby

    first class
  • by first class conveyance; with first class accommodations; "we always travel first class"

  • excellent: very good;of the highest quality; "made an excellent speech"; "the school has excellent teachers"; "a first-class mind"

  • Of or relating to a class of mail given priority

  • Of the best quality

  • Of or relating to the best accommodations in a train, ship, or plane

  • the highest rank in a classification

    beach baby
  • The First Class was a British pop music studio-based group, put together by songwriter and record producer John Carter.

  • Soft tropical scent touched with coconut and banana.

the first class beach baby - Beach Baby

Beach Baby & Other Assorted Love Songs JPN:CENTURY (CD) CECC00493

Beach Baby & Other Assorted Love Songs JPN:CENTURY (CD) CECC00493

JPN:CENTURY (CD) CECC00493 Beach Baby & Other Assorted Love Songs JPN:CENTURY(CD) CECC00493 1 beach baby 2 won't somebody help me 3 what became of me 4 surfer queen 5 first day of your life 6 long time gone 7 funny how love can be 8 dreams are ten a penny 9 bobby dazzler 10 the disco kid 11 I was always a joker 12 I was a star 13 smile on a summer night 14 child's play 15 old time love 16 baby blue 17 life is whatever you want it to be 18 carry on singing my song 19 ain't no love 20 seven ten to nowhere 21 autumn love 22 and she cried

76% (12)

Beaches of Maine 1999

Beaches of Maine 1999

So I met my exbf at work. About 6 mos after starting my job, he and I started dating. Our 3rd date was a weekend in Maine. We had a complete whirlwind romance. Fell hard; fell fast. While we were together, he would occasionally tell me I was fat or whatnot, but I thought he was being funny or "just kidding" so it didn't bother me. After about a year and a half I started thinking he was cheating on me, but he was so suave he always convinced me I was being paranoid. Then about 6 mos later we broke up. He needed a break. But HE kept calling me... so I thought he loved me b/c he couldn't stop calling. I refused REFUSED to call him b/c I was trying to prove to myself, as much as him, that he loved me as much as I loved him. After about 2 mos, we were back together, I thought. At a work Christmas party, we ended up being together all night and one of my female coworkers informed me that he slept with someone else at work - he and I had a fight and I stormed out of the hotel ballroom. He chased me and said it wasn't true. We screamed and argued in the parking lot - but he convinced me I had been lied to. Said I was too drunk to drive home, which was true... so I went back to his room and we stayed together. We were in my mind a couple, again... then New Years Eve 1999/2000 he came over... we were spent the early part of NYE together -- He left me to go out with his friends and family for NYE. I asked him why I couldn't go and he said "no need to confuse things with my family. It's not like we are TOGETHER-together" I stayed home and cried my eyes out - We continued this on/off sex thing for years, a total of 6, but anyway.. so in March 2000 I confirmed I was pregnant. On a Friday night, March 24, I stayed up trying to decide what I would I do... I didn't want to tell him because I wanted it to be MY decision and I knew he'd accuse me of trying to trap him. I decided to keep our baby... miscarried the next day. Didn't go to the hospital which ended up with me getting an infection and getting really sick... I told him after about a month what happened. He looked as hurt as I was and I was convinced it meant he did love me... He would tell me he wanted to be with me but the commitment scared him.

More of this on and off thing continued ... he had a girlfriend for awhile, we'd stop and then they would go "off" and we'd get back together. Well, one night in 2001 he shows up at my house crying. We had been together... the other woman wasn't in the picture... til that night. She had shown up at his house - she was pregnant. She was keeping the baby. I told him I'd stand by him and he needed to see a lawyer - he did, but the lawyer didn't advise him how I expected. Said he had to be active in the baby's life for the first year to be considered as a "good" father and not get hit too hard by the courts. He wanted to see me but wanted to keep our relationship quiet b/c well... he didn't want to piss the other woman off and risk anything with the baby. I agreed. STUPID. His daughter was born Jan 9, 2002... yes, 5 days before my 30th birthday. I was an emotional wreck. 30 sucked. Anyway, we had a business trip to New Orleans and he stayed in my room every night. He was living with her "pretending" to have a relationship with her while he was being active in their daughter's life... and telling me as soon as the year was up we would be married. I was so stupid. I loved him so much. He kept telling me "give me a year"

One day at work he calls me "I fucked up. I slept with her last night. There was a "moment" while we were caring for our daughter" I cried. I was hurt. But I was thankful he told me. Thought it proved he wanted me and felt he betrayed me and was honest. (yeah laugh it's ok I did writing this). 4 mos later... we went to lunch and he told me She was pregnant again. They were going to get married. In 3 weeks. She had told him "if you don't marry me you will never see these girls" so they planned a wedding in 3 weeks. I was devastated. He kept saying "just another year wait for me" I waited. Then in 2005 I started dating again. I had dated all through this time b/c I felt I had to... but in 2005 I started dating seriously. Last year, I was taking Pilates... who do you think was in my class of 8 in a random home in a town that neither of us live in? His wife. We had met at work events... she sat next to me every week. I stopped accepting any calls from him around August 2009. Up until then we tried to remain friends, but I had to stop hearing him talk about things - he was still saying he wanted to be with me and circumstances put him where he was and it wasn't as easy to get out as I thought... blah blah. I regret waiting for him, but the only thing that still gets me is that I should have a 11 year old by now. I think I tried to hold on in the end b/c of the miscarri

San Francisco: AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame - Kevin Mitchell and Rick Reuschel

San Francisco: AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame - Kevin Mitchell and Rick Reuschel

Kevin Mitchell
San Francisco Giants: 1987-1991
San Francisco Giants All-Star: 1989, 1990
NL MVP: 1989
NL Silver Slugger Award: 1989

Third baseman converted to outfield and became a superstar after trade to the Giants from San Diego in 1987. Joining the club in Chicago, "Mitch" homered twice in his first game vs. Cubs (Wrigley Field, July 5, 1987). In 1989, he led NL in Home Runs (47) and RBI (125) and was named Major League Player of the Year by The Sporting News.


Rick Reuschel
San Francisco Giants: 1987-1991
San Francisco Giants All-Star: 1988, 1989
NL Gold Glove Award: 1987
Fred Hutchinson Award: 1985

"Big Daddy" was traded to Giants from Pittsburgh (August 21, 1987) and became staff leader for Roger Craig's "Humm-Babies". Economical right-hander won 19 games in 1988 and 17 for NL Champion Giants in 1989, and was named Comeback Player of the Year by The Sporting News. An excellent fielder, his 1987 Gold Glove Award was the first ever by a Giants pitcher.


The San Francisco Giants inaugurated the San Francisco Giants Wall of Fame, a perpetual tribute to their greatest stars, in September 2008 to celebrate their 50th Anniversary Season in San Francisco. The plaques along this wall recognize Giants players whose records stand highest among their teammates on the basis of longevity and achievements. Those honored have played a minimum of nine seasons for the San Francisco Giants, or five seasons with at least one All-Star selection as a Giant. As of Opening Day 2008, a group of 43 Giants legends qualified for this distinction, forming the charter class of honorees. As present and future generations of Giants players meet the criteria and make their marks in baseball history, plaques celebrating their careers will join this row of Giants immortals upon their retirement.

AT&T Park, located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza in San Francisco's South Beach, has been the home of San Francisco Giants since it was opened by China Basin Ballpark Corp on March 31, 2000. Originally named Pacific Bell Park, then renamed SBC Park in 2003, it was ultimately christened AT&T Park in 2006. Replacing Candlestick Park as the Giants' home, it was Major League Baseball's first privately financed ballpark since 1962.

the first class beach baby

the first class beach baby

The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays: Over 700 Selections (Complete Book Series)

Children ages 3 to 6 will delight in the sounds of language as they build a strong foundation in skills such as listening, imagination, coordination, spatial and body awareness, and more. In this giant book of rhythm and rhyme, you may even find a few of your own childhood favorites!
Award-winning author Jackie Silberg is an early childhood advocate and popular keynote speaker. Her best selling books include Games to Play with Babies, Games to Play with Toddlers, Games to Play with Two Year Olds, 125 Brain Games for Babies, 125 Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos, 300 Three Minute Games, 500 Five Minute Games, and The I Can’t Sing Book. She lives in Leawood, Kansas.
Pam Schiller shares her extensive knowledge of children in workshops, radio and television interviews, and as a popular keynote speaker and author. Her award-winning titles include Creating Readers, Start Smart, The Complete Resource Book, The Values Book, and Count on Math. She lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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